Harvest Crew

With four decades of experience in the wine industry, we take pride in our unpretentious approach to creating great wines. When you step into our Tasting Room, you'll find that we're dedicated to  "Wine Without Bull." This means that you are greeted by a rustic and friendly atmosphere, with wines that are fun to drink and are served without pretentiousness. At Bagley's, you can expect to find delicious wines, outgoing employees, the occasional puppy, and classic rock and roll - all of which are integral to our identity, just the way Brittany and her father the founder Dave liked it.

Our 40-acre farm boasts a diverse range of 14 different French and German vinifera, American and French hybrids, intentionally chosen to create a fun and diverse variety on our wine list. 90% of our grapes are home-grown from our family farm, while our Concord and Catawba grapes are sourced locally, just down the road.

We can proudly say that we grow it, make it, and sell it right out the front door. Our tight-knit crew is incredible, juggling various responsibilities to help further our commitment to making great wines and providing a fun place to drink them. We hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor!

  • Brittany Bagley, Owner
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