About our Labels

Our bottles are all screen printed with unique artwork. The wildlife artwork was drawn by local artist Norman Wells. The bottles featuring beautiful women, are all drawn by Rose Messina from Orchard Park, NY.


To place an order please call the winery at 607-582-6421. We do not have an online store.

Sweet Wines

White Tail White  A fruity white with flavors of big juicy melons and golden raspberries. Cayuga. -11.99

Luscious Lady  The perfect breakfast wine!  Niagara. -11.99

Busty Blanc Bursting with flavors of grapes and pineapple.  A blend of Ravat 51, Diamond, and Cayuga. -11.99

Ravat 51  This sweet, late harvest white is an old favorite. Filled with flavors of pineapple and tropical fruit. -17.99

Queen of Diamonds  Refreshing watermelon and strawberry dance on your tongue with this wine. How classy people get tipsy!  Cayuga and Concord.  -11.99

One Eyed Cat  This zesty blush is jammin' with flavorful candied apples and a tart finish.  Catawba.  -11.99

Pecker Head Red  Fills your mouth with flavors of juicy cranberries and raspberries. Definitely a crowd pleaser!  Concord. -11.99


Semi Dry Wines

Landlocked White  Light and crisp with a smooth citrus finish.  Blend of Riesling, Vidal, and Cayuga.  -12.99

2018 Cayuga White  A melody of honeydew and peaches with a finish that is oh so smooth.  -13.99

2017 Riesling Reserve  Fresh squeezed Meyer lemons and lively acidity.  Leaves you waiting for the next sip!  -15.99

2016 Traminette  Welcome to the tropics! Hints of floral undertones in the nose are followed by a lush, creamy flavor. -12.99

2017 Dry Rose ​A beautiful rose filled with flavors of strawberries and cream  100% Cabernet Franc . -13.99

2018 Baco Noir  Mmm.. mmm cherry pie!  A local favorite. -15.99

Valois Rouge  This rich, creamy, full bodied red has a great deal of character just like the town for which is was named. -13.99


Dry Wines

2017 Vidal Blanc  This bright white wine has layers of pears, tangerines, and fresh acidity.  -14.99 

2017 Chardonnay A perfect summer sipper! Tastes like another glass! -14.99

2018 Seyval-Chardonnay Mild tones of lemon and lime are complemented by a crisp green apple finish. -15.99

2017 Big Rack Red ​Mellow flavors of black currant and raspberry. Cabernet Franc. -16.99  

2017 Cabernet Franc  A handful of fresh picked blackberries with smooth, delicate acidity. -17.99

​2016 Cabernet Franc Smoky with hints of plum. -15.99

2017 Dave's Big Red  This deep red goes well with fine cigars, chocolate Labradors, skeet shooting, and sunsets. Just like Dave. -17.99